Ibanez AUP10N Open Pore Natural Acoustic 6-String Tenor Ukulele - Piccolo Guitar - Guitalele

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The Ibanez AUP10N Tenor 6-string ukulele brings innovation to the world of ukuleles. With its unique stereo soundport system, ergonomic features and stylish appointments, this instrument provides an immersive playing experience. The AUP10N is designed for players seeking to expand their tonal palette with a 6-string ukulele.

Accentuate Tone and Beauty With Premium Appointments

The okoume neck on the AUP10N gives you a smooth, contoured playing feel that makes it easy to play for long periods. The stunning purpleheart fingerboard is more than just eye-catching visual flair. Its dense, rigid construction optimizes vibration transfer for excellent note articulation and clarity. As on fine acoustic guitars, the AUP10N features a solid spruce top to deliver the outstanding tonal clarity the wood is revered for. Its lightweight stiffness and complex overtone structure produce bright, focused tone with impressive projection. The Paulownia back and sides add resonance and volume to its voice. Paulownia's lightweight responsiveness enhances vibration to let notes bloom with harmonics. Whether fingerpicking melodies or strumming chords, the AUP10N projects a lush, vibrant tone thanks to its Paulownia construction.

Immerse Yourself in Sound With the Stereo Soundport System

The AUP10N's stereo soundport system produces an immersive, three-dimensional sound unlike any other ukulele. Strategically placed ports on each side project the sound outward and around you. You'll feel enveloped by the rich, resonant tones emanating from this ukulele. The soundport system brings out the best in the premium tonewoods, allowing their tonal qualities to shine.

Built for Inspired Performance by Ukulele Veterans or Established Guitar Players

Ibanez includes clever contemporary features on the AUP10N to enhance your musical creativity. The 6-string feature enables current guitar players to experiment with a uke seamlessly. For traditional ukulele players, having extra strings will inspire new creative innovations. The Stereo Soundport System gives your tone immersive depth. The double hole bridge improves resonance and sustain. An elevated comfort armrest provides a natural right hand position for strumming. A beveled cutaway allows easy access to upper frets, while the Edgeless Comfort Heel offers a seamless neck joint for smooth playing. With its innovative design and excellent playability, the Ibanez AUP10N inspires your creativity.

Play in Complete Comfort With the Armrest and Cutaway

An elevated armrest along the treble side of the lower bout brings ergonomic relief to your strumming arm. The contoured design reduces tension in your muscles, allowing comfortable practice and performance sessions. Pair that with the beveled cutaway for effortless access to higher frets, enabling advanced soloing and chord voicings. The slim okoume neck further optimizes your hold and fingering. Together, these features let your hands glide across the purpleheart fingerboard with ease. Ibanez's edgeless comfort heel features a smooth, rounded transition from neck to body, allowing you to comfortably access the upper frets in any playing position.

Protect Your Ukulele With the Included Gig Bag

Ibanez includes a padded gig bag designed specifically for the AUT10 tenor ukulele, making transportation stress-free. The plush interior prevents your ukulele from bumps and scratches during transit. An adjustable backpack-style strap helps you securely carry the case. Keep your ukulele safe on the way to practice, jam sessions, concerts and anywhere else your music takes you.