Woodwind Instrument Covers, Black

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Hold the germs, not the sound

"Covers are highly recommended as "masks" for the instruments"

Source: Performing Arts Aerosol Study

  • Heavy-duty nylon bag designed to enclose the entire instrument
  • Cover the body of clarinet, oboe, alto, and tenor saxophones
  • Clarinet/oboe bag measures 28" long; 7" diameter at the base
  • Alto sax bag measures 28.5" long; 10" diameter at the base
  • Tenor sax bag measures 33.75" long; 12" diameter at the base
  • Holes with elastic cut for hands to access the instrument
  • Covers create a barrier for droplets and germs
  • Machine washable for repeat use
  • Easy on/off with built in drawstring
  • Covers do not affect sound of the instrument, no measurable dB reduction