Electro-Harmonix Nano Pulse Variable Shape Stereo Tremolo

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A new world of tremolo/panner sound sculpting.

The Electro-Harmonix Nano Pulsar variable shape stereo effects pedal takes tremolo beyond the ordinary. Equipped with a collection of tremolo-modulating waveforms and the option of operating in Triangle or Square Wave modes, the Nano Pulsar is a tremolo/panner treasure chest. Hear it sing in mono, or connect it in stereo to create shifting waves of sound. The layout is intuitive, with a Volume control for fine-tuning your output level when the effect is on, and a Depth knob to adjust the amount of tremolo applied to the signal. Past maximum, the modulation becomes asymmetric and warps the audio signal between positive and negative phase, creating a unique style of tremolo which sounds great on its own or can be used in combination with other effects to produce compelling synth-like sounds and textures. The Rate knob provides a full range of speed adjustments for the tremolo or pan effect, and when you start to max out the Rate and Depth controls, you’ll enter ring modulation territory for the ultimate surreal sonic experience. The compact Nano Pulsar is your ticket to unlock a world of advanced sound shaping and control.

  • Compact, powerful tremolo/panner pedal packed with effects
  • Run it in mono or in stereo
  • Triangle Wave/Square Wave mode switch to determine sharpness and smoothness of the effect
  • Rate/Status LED pulses at the same rate that the effect is modulating
  • 9V battery included (also works with an optional 9V power supply)