Hand Crafted Acoustic Electric Cigar Box Guitar by Chris Weems (#36)

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Most of the materials used to build my Cigar Box Guitars are reclaimed pieces and/or purchased locally in Potsdam, NY. Each Cigar Box Guitar is Handmade by a local Cabinetmaker, Christopher Weems, a resident of Norwood, NY.

The history of this instrument dates back to the 1800's and up through to today where there is a Cigar Box Guitar movement going on all over the world. You can play the blues, folk, and much more on these instruments. It also makes a great addition to your collection.

These guitars are built in a way that will bring you back to the roots of music and help you to loosen up, set aside all seriousness in a crazy world, and have fun.


  • 25" Scale
  • Fretless Design
  • Economy Tombstone Tuners
  • Hidden Piezo Rod Pickup
  • Curly Maple Neck Wood
  • Curly Maple Fretboard
  • Paduk Bridge
  • Wood Burned Fret Markers & Dots
  • 1/4" 20 Bolt Nut
  • Arturo Fuente King Cigar 
  • Shane Speal Custom Strings
  • Tuned to Open G (G-D-G)

For further information or help with your guitar, contact: chrisweems1977@gmail.com