Two Pieces for Flute, Clarinet, and Piano Volume 2 - Gottschalk

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This collection - Gottschalk's Two Pieces, Volume 2 - contains the Souvenir de Cuba and the Grande Tarantelle, arranged by Michael Webster for flute, clarinet in A/Bb, and piano.

Souvenir de Cuba opens and closes with tropical langour, but is actually a mazurka with remarkable similarities to Chopin's Op. 6 No 1. The introduction in particular features Chopinesque chromaticism, creating tasty and tasteful dissonance.

Grand Tarantelle is probably Gottschalk's most famous work, with versions for many different instruments. This arrangement departs from Gottschalk's literal A-B-A -coda structure by varying the return of the A theme with considerable re-instrumentation, including a lengthy canon. During the coda, the flute and clarinet have arpeggiated filigree, in the spirit of Gottschalk's 'no holds barred' virtuosity.