Zoom PodTrak P4 Podcast Recorder

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the ultimate recorder for podcasting

Compact, affordable, and loaded with features, the PodTrak™ P4 makes it easy to capture professional quality audio wherever you're recording your podcasts. All inputs can be recorded as separate tracks. The P4 can record to SD, SDHC, and SDXC cards up to 512 GB.

high quality mic inputs

The P4's 4 XLR mic inputs feature Zoom's professional quality preamps. Providing up to 70 dB of gain, the P4 can be used with the most demanding microphones. Gain control, mute buttons, and phantom power available for all inputs. 

headphones for everyone

With 4 independent headphone outputs, each with a dedicated volume control, everyone can hear it all.

call-in guests

The P4 makes it easy to incorporate remote interviews. Just connect your phone to the P4 with a TRRS cable. Or connect your computer via USB to your favorite conferencing software. With the P4's built-in mix-minus feature, echo and feedback will automatically be eliminated.

Produce like a pro

The P4's customizable Sound Pads can instantly trigger music, ads, jingles, and pre-recorded interviews. Easily load your own sounds or choose from 11 pre-recorded presets.

Go where the story takes you

The P4 operates up to 4 hours on 2 AA batteries, or you can also use a USB battery for extended battery time.

Audio Interface

The P4 can serve as a 2-input, 2-output audio interface, allowing you to record directly to your computer, Android or iOS* device. With the P4 you can also live-stream your podcast.

*Apple Lightning to USB camera adapter required.