Ibanez TMB400TACBS 4-String Electric Bass Guitar Cosmic Blue Starburst

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The Ibanez TMB400TA bass guitar combines a sleek, lightweight design with powerful tonal control. Its roasted maple neck and graphite reinforcement rods provide exceptional stability and sustain, allowing complex note passages to ring out with clarity. A rosewood fretboard delivers a balanced tone focused in the midrange, providing a solid foundation for the instrument's genre-hopping capabilities.

The TMB400TA's Dynamix PJ pickups utilize both Precision and Jazz bass pickups to produce a wide range of crisp, articulate tones. The split-coil precision pickup delivers a punchy, defined low end, while the single-coil jazz pickup provides a smooth, rounded high end. With both pickups engaged, you'll achieve a balanced tone that cuts through the mix while retaining a full body. The 2-band EQ offers further tonal customization, allowing you to boost or cut frequencies to suit any musical situation.

With premium design and construction at an affordable price point, the Ibanez TMB400TA bass guitar is built to handle years of regular use without sacrificing tone or playability. Its combination of pickups, EQ and high-quality materials make it suitable for genres from rock to jazz, funk to blues. For a flexible, gig-ready bass that won't break the bank, the TMB400TA is an ideal choice.


  • TMB4 Roasted Maple neck
  • Tamo Ash top
  • Poplar body
  • Bound Rosewood fretboard
  • Medium frets
  • 19mm string spacing
  • Passive neck/bridge pickups
  • Ibanez Custom Electronics active 2-band EQ
  • 34" scale length