Ibanez AE140WKH Acoustic-Electric Guitar Weathered Black Open Pore

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A Rock-solid Performer Equipped with Ibanez’s A.I.R.port

Brimming with pro-level appointments, the all-okoume Ibanez AE140 Acoustic-electric guitar is a superb choice for the advancing guitarist seeking a top-tier performance instrument. This guitar’s solid okoume top and okume body supply a supremely warm and mahogany-like voicing, complete with a personal A.I.R. sound port that provides superior sonic feedback straight to your ears. When it comes to playing comfort, Sweetwater guitarists of all styles champion the AE140’s laurel-topped nyatoh neck for its supremely playable Comfort Grip profile. You also get a stage-ready Ibanez AEQ-TP2 preamp and pick system with built-in tone controls and an onboard tuner. A comfortable cutaway seals the deal, all adding up to a powerhouse of an acoustic-electric guitar destined for the stage!

Outstanding all-okoume tone

Comprised of a solid okoume top and matching okoume back and sides, the Ibanez AE140 harkens back to the old-school tradition of hardwood-topped 6-strings. Okoume’s warm, rich, and somewhat dark tone is a perennial favorite of singer-songwriters and fingerpickers looking to tame strident highs. In fact, okoume is regularly touted by tonewood experts for its mahogany-esque midrange bias, crisp timbre, and clearly defined attack.

Cutting-edge A.I.R.port

Whether you’re strumming through tunes on the couch or woodshedding your next performance piece, the Ibanez AE140’s A.I.R.port (Acoustic Information Response) makes solo playing a joy with superior sonic feedback. While most acoustic guitars project solely through their soundhole — and away from your ears — Ibanez’s A.I.R.port-equipped guitars sport a secondary soundhole on the upper bout pointed directly toward your ears. This design offers a more pleasing and full-sounding tone in both the seated and standing positions and a brilliant aural snapshot of what your audience hears on the other end!


  • Solid okoume top and okoume body captures the warm, rich, and crisp timbre of traditional mahogany
  • Deep body cutaway for effortless access to the neck’s upper frets
  • Nyatoh neck carved into a highly playable Ibanez Comfort Grip profile
  • Smooth 15.75-inch laurel fingerboard
  • Ibanez A.I.R.port, located on the upper bout, delivers superior sonic feedback straight to your ears
  • Onboard Ibanez AEQ-TP2 preamp and pickup system for pro-level plugged-in tones
  • Built-in tuner and tone controls
  • Chrome die-cast tuners with an 18:1 ratio ensure lock-tight tuning stability