Guitar School Bk 3- Pujol

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For years, Pujol’s “Escuela Razonada de la Guitarra” has been the method of choice for many serious students and teachers . . . The sole obstacle to its widespread use in the United States has been that the only available edition was printed in parallel Spanish and French . . . ten years ago, Editions Orphée released a combined edition of Books One and Two in English translation. This has been of immense value to the English speaking guitar community, but we have waited eagerly for the addition of Book Three, which contains the core of the method . . . [which] contains all the basic technical material to equip a student for the traditional repertoire. It deals extensively with the strength and independence of the individual fingers of both hands, focusing carefully upon one aspect at a time, and emphasizing precision and efficiency of movement. An especially useful feature of Book Three is that each idea is treated sequentially in three forms: example, exercise and etude. This gives a logical progression from the presentation of the initial concept to its acquisition by drill to its application in a musical setting . . . Peter Segal’s translation provides a clear and concise text, while capturing the flavor and sense of Pujol’s instructions and advice.” David Grimes, Soundboard.