Ibanez RG470DXTMN RG Series Electric Guitar Tokyo Midnight

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The Ibanez RG470DX RG Series 6-string electric guitar unleashes pure metal fury with its thin, fast Wizard III maple neck and sleek meranti body. Developed for guitarists who demand both playing comfort and lightning fast speed, the RG470DX allows you to blaze across the fingerboard with ease. Its Quantum pickups produce focused, vintage-modern tones perfect for everything from soaring leads to crunchy rhythm. With a smooth jatoba fingerboard, jumbo frets, sharktooth inlays and a double locking tremolo bridge, this Ibanez guitar provides exceptional playability you can count on in any live performance situation.

The Wizard III maple neck on the RG470DX lives up to its magical name, promoting effortless speed and fluid playing. Its thin, flat profile offers unmatched comfort, allowing your fingers to fly up and down the neck during solos and riffs. The silky satin finish enhances your grip for accurate, precise fretting. Designed specifically for shredding, this Wizard neck gives you the perfect blend of contour and slimness to conquer even the most demanding passages and techniques with ease.

Outfitted with a powerful trio of Quantum pickups, the Ibanez RG470DX serves up thick, aggressive rock tones perfect for metal and hard rock. The Quantum neck pickup produces warm, vintage-flavored leads, while the Quantum middle pickup adds snarl and attitude to rhythms. For searing solos, the Quantum bridge pickup unleashes high-output crunch with excellent note separation. With a 5-way switch, you can blend the pickups and shape your tone for everything from clean arpeggios to heavy distorted riffing.


  • Wizard III/Maple neck
  • Meranti body
  • Jatoba fretboard
  • 24 Jumbo frets
  • Edge-Zero II bridge
  • 10.8mm string spacing
  • Ibanez Quantum pickups
  • 25.5" scale length