Jump Right In Alto Saxophone Book 1

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This innovative, remarkable series combines the latest research in music learning with the belief that a musical instrument is an extension of the human mind and body. The result: an engaging method that has students playing musically, right from the start.

The reality is that many of today's beginning students never learned to carry a tune or keep a steady beat. So Jump Right In builds these skills concurrently with traditional "executive skills" such as embochure, posture, hand position, and articulation. Even the first notes students play involve musical expression. And because students learn to bring true musical meaning to their playing, common problems such as "tuning" the ensemble become far easier to solve.

Central to this series are student take-home CDs full of songs and other musical activitities that virtually extend the classroom into the home. Make no mistake-these Cds are not boring synthesized background tapes. Each instrument has its own CD, exposing many students for the first time to the richness of their respective instruments (compliments of top-notch performers, including members of the artist faculty at the Eastman School of Music) and giving beginning players the models they need.