Primary Handbook for Bassoon - Polonchak

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As as reference text, Primary Handbook for Bassoon provides the woodwind methods students with a thorough background in all aspects of both teaching and playing. As a teaching method, this book will take the student from the beginning to advanced high school levels in a logical and effecient manner.

The fingering chart relates bassoon fingerings to other woodwind instruments and uses the same “resonance corrections” that professionals use to improve tone and intonation on their instruments.

A detailed introduction outlines step-by-step everything needed to start the beginning basooonist–assembly, hand and playing positions, embouchure, accessories, reed specifications, breathing, care and maintainence, plus a biblography; all beautifully illustrated in line drawings.

The unique “Instruments Checks’ pinpoint possible repair problems. Performance techniques are given that provide the “little tricks” that make real bassoon playing possible (“flicking”, soft note fingerings, etc.). A trill chart and tenor clef transposition chart are included.

“…a most valuable addition to the bassoon pedagogical literature. It should be helpful not only to the beginning-intermediate student, but to the advanced student and teacher as well”.
John C. Hunt
Professor of Bassoon
The Eastman School of Music