Time Pieces for Clarinet Volume 3 - Denley

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Music Through the Ages in 3 volumes These volumes provide a graded selection of well-crafted and idiomatic arrangments for clarinet and piaNo. All have been carefully arranged by Ian Denley to practoce and develop the note ranges and keys of the early grades while providing straightforward piano accompaniments for the teacher to play. * Bach, J. S.: Sarabande (Suite in E-flat, BWV 819/3) * Badings: Siciliano (Reihe Kleiner Klavierstücke) * Berg: Menuett in F * Burgmuller: Ballade:, Op. 100 No.15 * Friboulet: Les Jeux de Guillaume (Gestes et Sentiments) * Mozart: Adagio für Glasharmonika, K 356 * Muczynski: Fable No.9 (Fables, Op. 21) * Prokofiev: March (Music for Children, Op. 65 No.10) * Rachmaninoff: Solo from Symphony No.2, Op. 27 * Reger: Fast zu keck * Strauss, Richard: Du meines Herzens Krönelein (Schlichte Weisen, Op. 21) * Tchaikovsky: Andante cantabile (Quartet in D, Op. 11) * Wagner: Menuetto e Trio (Sonata in B-flat