Truth - Alexis Ffrench

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Alexis Ffrench isn't afraid of fusing his music with weighty issues. For years, the pioneering pianist has used his music to highlight mental health, discuss diversity and challenge the classical world to be more inclusive.

Truth is his most powerful and political to date, and also his most optimistic. “I imagined what the world would look like if everybody had the opportunity to ask themselves the questions 'who am I?' and 'what is my purpose in the world?' and what we, as a human race, could create and change together.” Featuring Alexis' signature piano & orchestra sound, alongside rare collaborations including the searingly soulful 'One Look' with his friend Leona Lewis, Truth captures Alexis' hopes for the future and his belief that change is already upon us.

Created in close collaboration with the composer, this exclusive folio presents all the pieces from Truth. The transcriptions are presented in Solo Piano format, with one Piano and Vocal score, and are preceded by a specially written preface from Alexis.